Best Time to Buy

There are certain things that you'll find discounted each month, making them more affordable. They include:
1. January: Bedding, Linens, Toys, Treadmills and ellipticals, TVs and Winter clothing
2. February: Humidifiers, Indoor furniture and Treadmills or ellipticals
3. March: Digital cameras, Humidifiers, Small consumer electronics (MP3 players, DVD and Blu-ray players, etc.), TVs and Winter sports gear
4. April: Laptop computers, Desktop computers, Digital cameras, Lawn mowers and
Spring clothing
5. May: Athletic apparel and shoes, Camping and outdoor gear, Carpeting, Cordless phones, Lawn mowers, Mattresses and Small consumer electronics
6. June: Camcorders, Carpeting, Computers, Indoor furniture, Small consumer electronics, Summer sports gear, Swimwear, as well as Pots, pans, and dishware
7. July: Camcorders, Indoor furniture, Outdoor furniture and Swimwear
8. August: Air conditioners, Backpacks, Dehumidifiers, Outdoor furniture and Snow blowers
9. September: Bikes, Digital cameras, Gas grills, Lawn mowers, Small consumer electronics and Snow blowers, as well as Shrubs, trees, and perennials
10. October: Bikes, Computers, Digital cameras, Gas grills, Lawn mowers and Winter coats
11. November: Baby products, Bikes, Camcorders, Gas grills, GPS navigators, Toys and TVs
12. December: Bikes, Camcorders, Gas grills, GPS navigators, Home appliances (both large and small), Small consumer electronics, Toys and TVs

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